EFET European Fusion Enginneering and Techology
Thermal fatigue mock-up

AMEC plc is a focused supplier of high-value consultancy, engineering and project management services to the world's natural resources, nuclear, clean energy, water and environmental sectors. With annual revenues of over £2.5 billion, AMEC designs, delivers and maintains strategic and complex assets for its customers.
The company employs some 22,000 people in around 40 countries worldwide.
AMEC shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange where the company is listed in the Oil Equipment and Services sector (LSE: AMEC.L).
AMEC has worked in the nuclear sector since the birth of the industry almost 60 years ago and today employs over 2,000 specialists in this field.
Thermal mechanical modellingOur projects have spanned the entire lifecycle of the complex nuclear assets; from building and refurbishing nuclear assets, reactor/ operational support to clean up/decommissioning and waste management.
We are playing an important role in the development of fusion technology supporting Fusion for Energy ( F4E ), ITER IO, EFDA and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy ( CCFE ).
Our contribution spans the whole fusion programme from engineering support to currently operating devices such as JET, through design activities for the next step experimental device ( ITER ) and the following demonstration reactor ( DEMO ), to safety and conceptual design studies for a fusion power plant.
Our expertise covers a number of key areas:
• Independent reviews of the Vacuum Vessel design and analysis.
• In-vessel component design and analysis, assessment of fabrication and cost, assembly/disassembly and maintenance, manufacture of First Wall mock-ups & prototypes.
• Building design including civil and structural design, aircraft impacts studies, seismic, layout, mechanical handling provisions, radiological and contamination zoning and building services.
• Plant and component cost estimation
• Safety & licensing • Design Guidelines Vacuum design handbook Remote handling manual QA consultancy
• Beryllium activities ( we have a number off classified beryllium workers )
• Tritium Studies
ITER First Wall Panel Prototype