EFET European Fusion Enginneering and Techology
ITER - Vacuum vessel sector model mock up

ANSALDO NUCLEARE, fully owned by ANSALDO ENERGIA, is the company of the FINMECCANICA GROUP with the complete responsibility for the nuclear business.
With a broad experience of over 30 years and a sound presence in the international nuclear market, ANSALDO NUCLEARE is the main Italian company in the nuclear sector, carrying out design, engineering, management, erection and start-up activities along the following main lines:1 ITER - Inner Vertical Targer Qualification

• Engineering, procurement and construction of nuclear power plants
• Design and supply of nuclear components and fuel handling machines
• Development of advanced nuclear plants for Generation IV and transmutation
• Decommissioning of nuclear installations and radioactive waste management
• Plant operation assistance

In March 2010 ANSALDO NUCLEARE took charge also of the Nuclear Fusion activities of the Group, formerly in charge to Ansaldo Ricerche, presently incorporated in Ansaldo Energia with a new mission.
In the frame of the activities for the EU Fusion Programme, ANSALDO has manufactured several key fusion machine components like plasma facing components, power supply converters, remote handling equipment, divertor and vacuum vessel mock ups, as well as superconducting magnets (no longer in our production range).2 ITER - Divertor cassette Prototype

3 JET - Transfer facility for Divertor tilesFor ENEA, the Italian Fusion Association, Ansaldo has performed design activities and supplied high-tech components for the FTU machine and, more recently, has carried out the engineering design of the IGNITOR tokamak.
As a member of the EFET grouping, ANSALDO has contributed to the detailed design of most of the ITER load assembly components and, in addition, to the power supplies and to the primary heat transfer system.
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