EFET European Fusion Enginneering and Techology
Divertor and Blanket modules of ITER with

TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING S.A. is an architect engineer and a consulting engineer for the nuclear industry, it can also be assigned as Owner's engineer.

TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING S.A. has acquired its experience through long-standing partnerships with Utilities, as for example more than forty years of assistance in the Belgian nuclear programme since its beginning. It has also gained experience through assignments in nuclear projects abroad in more than twenty countries under the business umbrella of its former subsidiary, BELGATOM.

TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING S.A. and its shareholders have a staff of 3,300 including graduate engineers and technical experts with considerable experience in nuclear technology.PFW/IBB cooling loop modelled with ATHENA and


In fusion related areas, TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING S.A. has been concentrating mainly on :

• Divertor and first-wall design (unique combination of plasma-side expertise with cooling-side experience - H2O, liquid metal, He).
• Modeling of the ITER vacuum vessel modules (design optimization, transients)
• Tokamak Cooling Water System design
• Cooling Water System design
• Electrical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Nuclear Safety Analysis (accident analysis and PSA)
• Decontamination and waste management
• Site studies
• Licensing
• Control and data acquisition