EFET European Fusion Enginneering and Techology

The International Nuclear Fusion community is currently preparing the Next Step in the evolution of fusion from its present R+D status to an established technology for the commercial generation of electricity.

EFET is actively involved in this process and has the expertise to make a significant contibution to the design and construction of the large complex machines which will be necessary for the future development of fusion power reactors.
Specifically, EFET has participated in the engineering design activities (EDA) for ITER and other Fusion Devices as the industrial partner of the former European Home Team.
EFET's expertise in the design, construction and project management of large scale nuclear and conventional power plants has complemented the skill of the EU scientific and research institutions.
In addition, the EFET member companies are involved in the prototype development of major components for ITER.
EFET also offers its expertise, including that of architect engineer, for the design and construction of any other major fusion device.

EFET is a European Economic Interest Grouping of :

linkAMEC Nuclear UK Ltd. ( United Kingdom )
linkANSALDO NUCLEARE S.p.A. ( Italy )
linkAREVA NP GmbH ( Germany )
linkAREVA NP SAS ( France )
linkFORTUM Power and Heat Oy ( Finland )
linkIBERTEF A.I.E ( Spain )